The “Freelancers” Health Insurance Program

In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and in an effort by the Freelance Program to build a safe environment for freelancers by motivating and enabling Freelance certificate holders to work and build a career safely. The Freelance Program and Future Work Company launched the “Health Insurance Program for Freelancers Practitioners” which aims to provide health care and protection to freelance certificate holders.

In that regard, Future Work Company and Freelance Program have collaborated with Solutions Insurance Broker and Malath Cooperative Insurance Company, by introducing the “Freelancer” health insurance program, which provides health care for the holders of freelancing certificates.

The program is specifically designed to provide a wide range of Insurance benefits and distinguished services within a wide network of medical providers spread throughout the Kingdom, all at competitive and affordable prices.

The Freelance health Insurance program covers most of the outpatient and inpatient benefits, including but not limited to: Consultation fees, diagnosis, treatment, medications, and vaccinations, in addition to chronic Illnesses.

Who can get the “Freelancing practitioners” health insurance program?

Holders of a valid freelancing practitioner certificate, approved by the Freelance Program, will have the opportunity to join the “Freelancing practitioners” health insurance program.

A quick look at the features:
Scope of coverage

Summary of main benefits

Benefit Details
Scope of medical coverage Inpatient and outpatient
Geographical scope of coverage Kingdom Saudi Arabia
The maximum annual limit per person SR. 250,000
Member's contribution for inpatient claims Nil
Member's contribution for outpatient claims 20% up to a maximum of SR. 100
Accommodation/room type (within Malath Network) Shared room
Dental benefit: (simple and surgical tooth extraction, amalgam and composite fillings, endodontics, X-rays, periodontal treatment, antibiotics and pain relievers) SR. 2,000 per person per year
Optical benefit: (frames and normal lenses - excluding contact lenses) SR. 500 per person per year (Maximum frame is SR. 400)
Cash reimbursement for claims (emergency cases) in KSA or abroad 100% Based on the cost of the local medical network

Applying for The "Freelancing practitioners" program

The registration process

1. Visit the website of Solutions Insurance Broker and access the E-Services section
2. Verify that you have a freelancing practitioner certificate
3. Enter the required Data
4. Upload the required documents
5. Take a look prices
6. Agree and pay the premium “Bank Transfer”
7. Launch the issuance process of your health insurance policy

Issue a freelance certificate from the Freelance Portal.

The Conditions

1. Submission of a duly filled and signed insurance application form 
2. Submission of a duly filled and signed Health Declaration form 
3. Submission of a medical report (required for applicants with special conditions highlighted in the Health Declaration form)
4. Providing a copy of the ID
5. Providing a copy of the freelancing practitioner certificate (valid)

We answer all your clarifications and queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Approval is required for the following non-emergency cases only:
Outpatient treatment
1) First pregnancy visit
2) Chronic medication for more than one month and up to three months
3) Frames and lenses excluding contact lenses
Inpatient treatment
1) For medical treatment
2) For surgical treatment
3) For treatment and care
4) For delivery (maternity) and abortions

In the event that a medical provider authorized by Malath increases its prices, Malath has the right to replace this service provider with an alternative service provider from within the same medical network and/or to cancel the service provider according to what it deems in the interest of the company.

For smooth cash reimbursement process, all claims must be submitted within a maximum of 30 days from the date of treatment or from the date of arrival in the Kingdom, along with a duly filled and signed Malath claim form, a medical report, doctor’s prescriptions, a detailed medical bill, the diagnostic procedure reports, and detailed receipts (for in-patients).

Malath will settle cash reimbursement claims within 15 days of receiving and acknowledging all the required documents.

All dependents including parents, brothers/sisters, relatives, domestic workers, drivers or any member of the employee’s family who are directly sponsored by him are excluded from coverage.

It is not allowed to change (upgrade or downgrade) the categories or make any amendments to the coverage during the policy year. Any changes and/or amendments are only negotiable and applicable upon renewal

If a reimbursement claim is submitted for treatment of a member whose membership with Malath has already been deleted, Malath shall still reimburse the claim as long as treatment was given before the deletion date

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