Unique and comprehensive

Our Services


Thorough Assessment

We start with a thorough assessment process aimed at understanding our partners’ existing coverage, main concerns & future requirements. This process allows us to tailor the right coverage and terms and fit them to their needs accordingly


High Awareness

Spreading knowledge and continuously proving awareness levels will ensure that our staff and partners are as familiar as possible with all insurance and risk related matters, which in turn will guarantee higher efficiency and better outcomes


Risk Aversion

We at SIB love risks and enjoy taking care of them. We analyze and categorize them, and accordingly design impeccable strategies to manage them. We subsequently monitor those strategies to guarantee flawless efficacity and optimal results


Contributing to the market

We at SIB strongly believe in teamwork and promoted not only internally but also amongst the various players operating in the market. We work closely with our partners, insurance companies, fellow brokers for the best of the market’s interests


Effective communication

Whatever the purpose of communicating is, we make sure we deliver all messages to our partners timely and concisely this involves scrutinizing all texts and documents, then delivering, going throw and explaining them to our partners


A variety of languages

We at SIB we believe that simplicity and clarity are keys to any successful partnership. We therefore engaged with our partners with a whole set of languages ranging from Arabic to English, Urdu, German, French and the most important of all: the insurance language

We Value Our Partners

Commitments to Partners

Long-term Ambitions
Long-term Ambitions

Everything we do with our partners, we do it with an eye on the future. We ensure our mutual interests are preserved and our ambitions are met and achieved


As with all our business relationships, full transparency is the rock on which we build the strongest possible ties and connections with all our partners

Follow-up Improvements
Rigorous Follow-up

We work closely and in full harmony with all our partners to ensure full implementation, and continuous enhancement, of the agreed KPIs and targeted OKRs

Awareness Sessions
Regular Awareness Sessions

In cooperation with our partners, we organize and attend Awareness Sessions to help us all efficiently manage and continuously improve our performances and partnership

Monthly Reports
Monthly Reports

We exchange monthly reports with our partners on the performance and growth of our partnerships and suggest, continuously, means to improve and consolidate them

Expertise-Exchange Programs
Expertise-Exchange Programs

To ensure smoother workflows, we organize Expertise-Exchange programs for/with our partners providing insight into our (daily) work methodology and people

We Value Our Clients

Commitments to Clients


At SIB, we firmly believe that Knowledge is the key to success. That is exactly we give special attention to educating our clients


The clearer the messages exchanged and delivered, the easier it is for all parties involved to execute their roles to perfection

Transactions Report
Meticulous reporting

We provide our clients with various periodical reports on their daily transactions, claims as well as complaints made

Risk Management Report
Risk Management programs

Along with the Claims Analysis, we provide our clients with tailor-made Risk Management programs to deal with the flaws spotted in our claims analysis and ensure effective management of their risks

Claims Analysis Report
Claims Analysis studies

We analyze every single detail of the claims reported to highlight not only the financial aspect of the risk but as importantly, human, behavioral, periodical, geographical, medical and demographical aspects

Partners Awareness
Aspiration for perfection

Our commitments towards our clients are all channeled towards reaching the high standard we set to ourselves in providing unique and comprehensive services based on scientific KPIs and clear OKRs

Brokers' fees

Insurance brokers licensed by the Saudi Central Bank SAMA, receive their remuneration directly from insurance companies, in the form of a commission, in line with and not exceeding the percentages specified by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) hereunder

Maximum Commission Rates Permitted الحد الأقصى للعمولات المسموح به
Classes of Business Commission Rate معدل العمولة فروع التأمين
Accident & Liability Insurance 15% التأمين من الحوادث والمسؤولية
Personal Accident 15% التأمين من الحوادث الشخصية
Work Related (Workmen Compensation) 15% التأمين من إصابات العمل
Employer’s Liability 15% التأمين من مسؤولية رب العمل
Third Party Liability 15% التأمين من المسؤولية تجاه الغير
General Liability 15% التأمين من المسؤولية العامة
Product Liability 15% التأمين من المسؤولية الناتجة عن المنتجات
Medical Liability (Medical Malpractice) 15% التأمين من المسؤولية الطبية
Professional Liability 15% التأمين من المسؤولية المهنية
Theft & Burglary 15% التأمين من السرقة والسطو
Fidelity 15% التأمين من خيانة الأمانة
Safe Burglary 15% التأمين على الأموال التي في الخزينة وأثناء النقل
Any Other Liability 15% تأمينات أخرى تقع ضمن نطاق التأمين من المسؤوليات
Motor Insurance – Compulsory 2% التأمين على المركبات – إلزامي
Motor Insurance – Compulsory + Others 15% التأمين على المركبات – إلزامي + أخرى
Property Insurance 15% التأمين على الممتلكات
Fire Insurance 15% التأمين من الحريق
Marine Insurance – Hull 15% التأمين البحري – هياكل السفن
Marine Insurance – Cargo 15% التأمين البحري – التأمين على البضائع
Aviation Insurance 15% تأمين الطيران
Energy Insurance 15% تأمين الطاقة
Engineering Insurance 15% التأمين الهندسي
Other General Insurance Classes 15% فروع التأمين العام الأخرى
Health Insurance – Compulsory 8% التأمين الصحي – إلزامي
Health Insurance – Compulsory + Others 10% التأمين الصحي -إلزامي + أخرى
Protection Insurance 15% تأمين الحماية
Protection & Savings Insurance 15% تأمين الحماية مع الادخار
Other Protection & Savings Insurance 15% فروع تأمين الحماية والادخار الأخر
Accident & Liability Insurance 15% التأمين من الحوادث والمسؤولية