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Our Focus is different


We love numbers! We believe they are the key ingredient of the successful management of our partners’ insurance portfolio and policies


We pay close attention to details and make sure to build our partnerships on absolute clarity and full transparency


We work tirelessly towards spreading knowledge and improving awareness levels amongst our staff and partners


Cooperate & Smes Insurance Policies


Business lines


Clients ( International & Local)


Retention Ratio

Our Aim is different

We at Solutions Insurance broker channel our efforts towards providing our partners with answers to their most pertaining questions revolving around their insurance premiums. Through our periodical analytical studies and Risk Management programs, we ensure they are fully aware of how their insurance premiums were spent, how they can spend them better and how they can get more value for them


Effective Risk Management Plans


In-depth Analysis

Highlighting the gaps, spotting the flaws, and suggesting the right tools all form an integral part of our role in ensuring optimal management of our clients’ insurance portfolio and continuous improvement of their insurance policies’ performance, which constitute our main aim.

Our Mission

To be one of the top-tier insurance brokers in the Kingdom and contribute positively to the growth and development of the local insurance sector

Our Services

We provide our partners with a comprehensive range of insurance services that meet their expectations and fulfill their requirements and aspirations

Our Team

We, at SIB, are blessed with a team of professionals combining youth and energy with expertise and experience. They are our main partners and the driving force behind our success

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Unique and Comprehensive

Our Services are different


Thorough Assessment

We start with a thorough assessment process aimed at understanding our partners’ existing coverage, main concerns & future requirements. This process allows us to tailor the right coverage and terms and fit them to their needs accordingly


High Awareness

Spreading knowledge and continuously improving awareness levels will ensure that our staff and partners are as familiar as possible with all insurance and risk related matters, which in turn will guarantee higher efficiency and better outcomes


Risk Aversion

We at SIB love risks and enjoy taking care of them. We analyze and categorize them, and accordingly design impeccable strategies to manage them. We subsequently monitor those strategies to guarantee flawless efficacity and optimal results


Contributing to the market

We at SIB strongly believe in teamwork and promoted not only internally but also amongst the various players operating in the market. We work closely with our partners, insurance companies, fellow brokers for the best of the market’s interests


Effective communication

Whatever the purpose of communicating is, we make sure we deliver all messages to our partners timely and concisely this involves scrutinizing all texts and documents, then delivering, going throw and explaining them to our partners


A variety of languages

We at SIB we believe that simplicity and clarity are keys to any successful partnership. We therefore engaged with our partners with a whole set of languages ranging from Arabic to English, Urdu, German, French and the most important of all: the insurance language

message from the Chairman

Local Insurance Heritage

We at Solutions Insurance Broker are the proud heirs of one of the first and oldest insurance institutions in Saudi Arabia, Alghreimil insurance agency, which started operating in the local market in 1996.

Since taking over in 2006 we have done and continue to do our utmost best to preserve and promote the values, ethics, and success levels established by our founders. Our commitment to all our partners is to keep on working relentlessly to provide them with the most unique, and economically affordable, services combined with the highest ethical codes and dedication

Abdulrahman Khalid Alghreimil

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