WORLD DEFENSE SHOW Equipped For Tomorrow 4 – 8 Feb 2024

Founded by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries, World Defense Show 2024 will showcase the future of defense through technological developments from around the globe. 

This upcoming event represents the largest B2B gathering ever hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Anticipating an impressive footfall of more than 90,000 attendees across all client groups over the course of 5 days, this event will host over 750 exhibitors, attracting a substantial number of VIP Delegations.

The venue itself has been strategically designed to offer several key features that empower exhibitors to fully showcase the diverse range of products, delivering an immersive and captivating experience for event attendees.

Providing Services to Exhibitors:

WORLD DEFENSE SHOW has collaborated with Solutions Insurance Broker by introducing the exhibitors’ insurance, which provides the Public Liability cover.

All additional insurance policies are to be upheld by a responsible entity operating in strict adherence to the regulations and statutes of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).

A quick look at the features:

Applying for The "Public Liability Insurance Of World Defence Show (Exhibitors)"

The registration process

1. Select “Apply Now”
2. Fill in the necessary information as prompted
3. Upload the required documents
4. Review the pricing details that will be provided to you via email
5. Accept the terms and make the premium payment
6. Initiate the issuance process for your insurance policy via email

These steps will guide you through the process of obtaining insurance via the Solutions Insurance Broker website.


1. Submission of a duly filled and signed insurance proposal form
2. Submission of a duly filled and signed KYC form